Tuesday 18 October 2011

Speckled Bush Crickets

Although I believe Speckled Bush Crickets are fairly common and widespread, it was only on a trip to Suffolk this year that I saw them for the first time. They're attractive insects, quite small (body length around 15-20mm) but with very impressive antennae. They also blend into the foliage very effectively making them quite difficult to spot.

The long antennae certainly make composition difficult and so in some of the images below I resorted to chopping them off (not literally!) in order to gain a closer view. All of the images are of a male Speckled Bush Cricket.

The following 2 images were taken in natural light using a tripod and cable release:

Canon 7D with Sigma 150mm lens, f8, 1/50sec, ISO 400

Canon 7D with Sigma 150mm lens, f9, 1/100sec, ISO 400

The following images were taken using flash (handheld). They were taken on different days and are different individuals. Both seem to enjoy cleaning their feet!

Canon 60D with Canon 60mm macro lens, f13, 1/160sec, ISO 100

Canon 60D with Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens, f13, 1/160sec, ISO 100

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