Sunday 16 October 2011

1,200 Pageloads and Counting...

When I decided to start this blog I was a little concerned that nobody would read it! I hoped the fact that there seem to be relatively few macro-oriented blogs might increase its audience but I've nevertheless been keeping a close eye on my web statistics to see how many visitors and pageloads there have been.

While I imagine some blogs attract far more visitors (and I'm aware that macro is something of a niche), I'm very pleased that there have been 1,200 pageloads since the blog was launched approximately 6 weeks ago, and almost 700 unique visitors. Some have even made return visits :-)

So, after 6 weeks and 20 posts I have to say that I'm very pleased with the interest so far and am grateful that so many people are reading the blog. I hope it will continue.

A Ladybird who has clearly been enjoying himself... (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


  1. Well done on the hits - much deserved as it's an informative and inspiring blog.