Monday 16 December 2013

Double Page Spread in BBC Wildlife Magazine #2

Earlier this year I posted here to say that BBC Wildlife magazine had published an image of mine as a double page spread in the June 2013 issue. The image in question was of a newly emerged Four Spotted Chaser dragonfly drying out on a reed at the edge of a large pond. I pointed out that, as a long term reader of the magazine (since my teens) and, more recently, a fairly regular photographic contributor, this first double page spread meant a great deal to me.

Well, I'm very pleased to say that I have another double page spread in the January 2014 issue. This time the image is of a tiny Globular Springtail walking around in some frost on the underside of a rock. It's an image I've always liked, not least because it's fairly unusual. A quick iPhone snap of the magazine is below:


I'm grateful to picture editor Wanda Sowry and the magazine's new editor, Matt Swaine, for choosing my image. I also very much appreciate the fact that BBC Wildlife magazine continues to feature wildlife of all shapes and sizes, from the furry and majestic to the six-legged and easily-overlooked.


  1. Well done Matt. Needless to say that your portfolio could often grace these pages.