Saturday 21 December 2013

A Selection of Meet Your Neighbours Images

I haven't posted many Meet Your Neighbours images recently so here are a random selection, mostly taken in late summer.


A Seven-Spot Ladybird taking off:

This next image features quite possibly the largest fly I have ever seen. I spotted it in my garden and wasn't at all sure what it was. But it was enormous and dwarfed a regular Bluebottle fly. A bit of research reveals it's a Dark Giant Horsefly (Tabanus sudeticus). Given its size I really wouldn't fancy being bitten by one!

A Common Froghopper (the sort that can be found in cuckoo spit):

A Turnip Sawfly:

A Greenbottle fly:

A Small Skipper Butterfly:

A mating pair of ground beetles (Curtonotus aulicus)

A Cinnabar Moth caterpillar on ragwort (with an unexpected hoverfly visiting):

And finally, a Common Wasp: