Friday 5 December 2014

Marbled White Butterflies Part 2

Summer already seems like a distant memory so the second part of my two-part Marbled White post is long overdue. Back in October I posted part 1 here.

As I mentioned in part 1, in July I made 2 visits to Ryton Woods Meadows to photograph the Marbled White butterflies. The first visit provided lovely early morning light but the temperature rose so quickly that the butterflies were unapproachable by around 6:45 AM. The second visit was on a much cooler, grey day which resulted in more co-operative butterflies but less attractive light.

The following are probably the best images from the session.


and finally, another image from the first, sunny, session that I don't think I'd processed when I posted part 1. It's a Burnet Moth next to the cocoon from which it had just emerged.

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