Tuesday 1 October 2013

Blogger is Now 'Auto-Enhancing' Images

Just a short post for fellow Blogger users to point out a recent change that some may have missed. When you upload images to a blog post Blogger will now automatically enhance the image by adding saturation and contrast (and quite possibly other changes too).

I'm not certain when this change took place but it can quite dramatically affect the look of some images. It seems to me as though images featuring blue skies change quite noticeably, perhaps because there is a boost to the saturation of blues. The effect on other images is less noticeable. The bottom line though is that most photographers do not want their images 'auto-enhanced' in this manner and I was quite dismayed when I first noticed it was happening.

The good news is that you can turn off this feature. Basically, all images uploaded to Blogger now sit in a Picassa web album. If you log into your GooglePlus account, then select Settings and scroll down to 'Photos' you can uncheck the 'automatically enhance new photos' box. Needless to say I have now done this.


  1. I see! To be honest it's a shame that I didn't read this before I 'closed down' my blog! Oh well, maybe I'll create another in the future. Couldn't be doing with my images being ruined!

  2. it does make a mess of images doesn't it? It's a shame you've closed down your blog...