Thursday 5 September 2013

'New' Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders are one of my favourites subjects for 'high magnification' macro. The most common jumping spiders in the UK are the Zebra Spider and a similar looking spider called Sitticus pubescens. These are both tiny spiders commonly seen on rocks, walls etc, particularly if the they are warmed by the sun. Like all jumping spiders, they have an impressive set of eyes which gives them real character when viewed through a macro lens.

Over the years I have photographed the 2 species above on many occasions. However, this summer I was lucky enough to stumble across another species of jumping spider that I had never seen before. I've since found out that it's likely to be Heliophanus flavipes, or possibly Heliophanus cupreus.


For comparison, here's a Zebra Jumping Spider:

and here's Sitticus pubescens:


  1. Sorry I'm a bit late on this Matt. I've not see your "new" jumping spider before but take great delight in seeing new jumpers when I do.
    I've forgotten whereabouts in the country you are (but from what I'm about to write, I'd guess more northerly than me at present - maybe in the midlands?) as my two "commonly-photographed" jumpers are the zebra like you but also the (large) "fencepost" jumping spider (Marpissa muscosa ) rather than what I call the "downy urban" jumper - S.pubescens.
    In fact it wasn't until last year that I'd EVER seen a DUJS. A gravid female that happened to wander across our outside table.
    Keep 'em peeled eh? Lovely shots.
    NBN maps for "fencepost":
    and "urban downy":
    Although these maps as you'll know are hardly foolproof - the fencepost jumping spider is BY FAR the most common jumper seen in READING (or was when I was living there).

  2. very interesting thanks Doug. I've never knowingly seen Marpissa muscosa though from the distribution map it looks like it could be most concentrated in the S East. I'm in Leicestershire, by the way. I also didn't know that S.pubescens wasn't as common as it is here in all parts of the country. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for M. muscosa. It's possible that in the past I've mistaken it (without looking too closely) for S. pubescens.

  3. Hi, its a Sunshine Jumping Spider, I have seen quite a few of these in the South East of England