Saturday 13 April 2013

Macro Article in Digital SLR magazine

I'm very pleased to have an 8 page macro photography guide in the new issue of Digital SLR magazine. The article provides the 9 'rules' of macro photography and is aimed at beginner photographers who are the target audience of the magazine. The article also features a nice selection of my images and I have to say that I'm very pleased with the print quality of the magazine. In the past I have sometimes been disappointed with the print quality of some magazines and have felt my images didn't look as good as they should. Not so on this occasion I'm pleased to say.

I should also mention that while my mugshot is provided in the top right hand corner of the opening double page spread, the chap in the blue jacket is not me. I have very few images of me 'on location' and so the magazine provided their own using one of their team. I quite like the idea of having my own stunt double.

Below are 6 of the 8 pages from the article, reproduced at such a size as to make it very difficult to read the text! I'm afraid you will have to buy a copy of the magazine if you want to read the full article.


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