Saturday 26 January 2013

Autumn Fungi

Last autumn I made a couple of trips to the Charnwood Forest here in Leicestershire to photograph fungi. The wet weather throughout the summer and autumn months meant I didn't have to look too hard to find some, with Amethyst Deceiver being particularly plentiful.

The main challenges when photographing fungi are to find attractive specimens that have yet to succumb to slugs, that are accessible and have some space behind them to avoid too much background clutter. At times it can seen rather difficult to satisfy these conditions. Nevertheless, on these trips I managed to return with a handful of images that I was reasonably pleased with.


First, a trio of unidentified mushrooms (probably Mycena sp.)

Secondly, a group of Sulphur Tuft mushrooms

Finally, another trio, this time of Amethyst Deceiver

These three images were taken with a Canon 60D (the articulated screen is great for fungi images) and a Sigma 150mm macro lens. I also took a number of wideangle fungi images with my fisheye lens, I'll include those in an upcoming post.

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