Friday 9 November 2012

Meet Your Neighbours: Dragonflies 1

This year I took quite a large number of 'Meet Your Neighbours' images of dragonflies and damselflies. In terms of damselflies, I managed to photograph most of the more common UK species (see for example this post and this post). However, as I fully expected, dragonflies proved to be a bit more difficult. At my local sites, dragonflies can be found in much smaller numbers than damselflies and hence I always need a bit of luck to find them when they are cold enough to be photographed. In the end I managed to photograph only 3 species all summer. The first is probably the most common UK species, the aptly named Common Darter. The other 2 will be the subject of a future post.

Here are a selection of 'Meet Your Neighbours' Common Darter images.


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