Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blue-Tailed Damselflies

Just a short post containing a couple of recent images of Blue-Tailed Damselflies.

The first shows a mating pair (in a so-called 'mating wheel'), with the male on the right hand side and the attractive pink/purple coloured female on the left. This image was taken with my Canon 60mm macro lens as my Sigma 150 was being repaired at the time. The shorter focal length of the Canon lens meant it was a struggle to get such a clean background, the 150mm of the Sigma really helps in this regard. But there is no problem with the image quality from the Canon lens, it produces pin-sharp images.


The second image is of a male Blue-Tailed Damselfly and was taken with my Sigma 150 lens a week or two before it broke.

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