Wednesday 24 October 2012

Jigsaw, Mug or T-Shirt Anyone?!

I've got to hand it to my stock agency, FLPA, they're certainly good at proactively finding different opportunities to sell and market images. Evidence of this is provided by their tie-ins with The Garden CollectionAge Fotostock and Arkive, to name but three. But the point was really brought home to me when I, somehow, stumbled across one of my images for sale as a jigsaw on the US Amazon site!

A bit more digging indicated that FLPA has yet another tie-in with Media Storehouse and, through them, it is possible to buy jigsawsmugs and t-shirts of many of my images (not to mention keyrings and  fridge magnets)! I'm not sure how popular these are - I doubt there's a massive market for insect themed accessories and gifts and no doubt furrier or more feathered subjects sell better - but I certainly can't fault FLPA for trying!

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