Wednesday 29 August 2012

Onwards and Upwards: 1st Birthday

Well, it's been almost exactly a year since I started this blog so time for a little reflection and a few statistics.

Since the blog was started I've added 80 posts (that's one every 4.5 days!) and there have been approximately 10,000 different visitors from all around the world, creating 20,000 page loads. I'm sure that some photographers' blogs are clocking up these sort of figures every month but, for a fairly niche macro blog, I am more than happy with this level of interest.

I've tried to provide a mix of techniques and new images and will generally continue in this manner, though if readers would ever like to see something different please do let me know. I have made a conscious decision to avoid posts on political or contentious topics (e.g. hunting), not because I don't have views on these topics - far from it - but because they inevitably attract those with extreme views and things can quickly turn unpleasant. So far, therefore, I have only posted on purely photographic topics. Whether I can resist the urge to vent steam on a contentious topic for another 12 months remains to be seen :-)

So, thanks for the interest and I hope to continue adding posts on a regular basis over the coming months and beyond.


A snail is probably not the best subject to illustrate the meteoric rise and general dynamism of this blog :-) but I couldn't find another image to capture the onwards and upwards theme :-D


  1. Happy birthday!
    I've always been fascinated with creepy crawlies but have zero ability when it comes to photographing them! So I get my insect kicks vicariously through your blog.
    Always a treat to visit - keep it up!


  2. many thanks Simon, I appreciate that. You're being too modest though, I seem to remember some rather impressive ladybird images a while ago...:-)

  3. I've only stumbled across your blog in the last couple of months and it's great to find a site just about photohotography. None of this 'x brand is rubbish' or 'stop trolling' etc. Just great photography and the stories behind the shots.

    ...besides, if I didn't stumble across your blog I would have never found out about the Hakuba flash bracket. I can't wait to finally put it to use once the weather warms up.

    Keep up the great work!


  4. Thanks Matt, I'm glad the blog has proved useful. I hope the flash bracket works well for you.