Tuesday 24 April 2012

Larch Ladybird

OK, I realise this is something of a niche post and unlikely to have widespread appeal...but anyone who is familiar with my photography will know that I often photograph ladybirds. I therefore confess to experiencing a modicum of excitement when I found a ladybird in my garden that I had not previously seen. I did have to look it up and found it to be a Larch Ladybird (Aphidecta obliterata). I'm no expert in Latin but I assume its Latin name refers to its ability to wipe out large numbers of aphids.

I found it in a conifer in my garden that is proving to be something of a magnet for ladybirds this year. There are literally dozens of Seven Spot Ladybirds in it as well as a few Pine Ladybirds and the occasional Harlequin. And now a Larch Ladybird.

It's much smaller than the Seven Spot Ladybird, only around 4mm in length, and not as glamorous either but it's still welcome in my garden.


it's characteristic marking is the W shape on its pronotum (the pale area above its eyes)

and finally a 'habitat' shot of it in my conifer


  1. Great shots, Matt. I'd imagine you don't often have to look up your garden visitors so I can understand you're excitement.
    As to the latin name, I think Harry Potter used that spell in his last film!

  2. thanks Simon. It is a great name isn't it? :-)

  3. Great shots matt and nice find!