Thursday 23 February 2012

Recent Images in Print

The problem with selling images through a stock agency (FLPA in my case) is that you rarely get to see in print the images that you sell. However, I do also sell images directly which allows me to find out some of the sometimes obscure places that my images have been published.  Here are a couple of recent examples:


The first is the cover of the Polish reprint of the book 'Sex on Six Legs: Lessons from the Insect World' by Marlene Zuk, a Biologist from the University of California. 

The following is a double page spread from an Italian wildlife magazine aimed at children entitled Focus Wild. It shows a sequence of a Southern Hawker dragonfly emerging. Unfortunately this is a very low quality low resolution mock-up (the text was yet to be updated and relates to a previous article):

Not all of my recent images in print have been in exotic overseas publications, I've also had a few small images published in BBC Wildlife magazine in recent months (circled):

While I may not get to see in print the images that I sell through FLPA they do deserve a plug as they sold 5 of my images in one day earlier this week!


  1. Nice post, it's always very positive to find published images in the media, esp the uses the editor make from the images.

  2. I agree, thanks for your comment.