Friday 15 June 2012

Crab Spiders

Over the years I have seen occasional images of Crab Spiders taken by other photographers and have always thought that they look like great macro subjects. I have therefore been keeping an eye out for Crab Spiders for several years but until recently I had never spotted a single one. Finally, I recently found a couple and managed to get a number of images on what, I think, are Periwinkle flowers. The species is Misumena vatia (female) and there's no doubt that they are striking macro subjects. What's even better is that they are relatively co-operative. Some spiders won't let you near them but these individuals seemed quite happy to let me get very close. If only all invertebrates were so helpful!

All images taken with a Canon 7D and MP-E 65mm macro lens with diffused MT-24 EX flash.


and here are a couple at higher magnification:

Finally, here's one with a Greenbottle Fly:


  1. They are so cool! They've actually got a face!
    Great shots, Matt, as ever.
    I suspect this dismal summer we're having is affecting the insect photographers output more than most!


  2. Thanks Simon and you're right. There seems no end to the wind and rain at the moment.....

  3. Great shots, Matt! Misumena vatia is one of the more common spiders in our garden in Edmonton, Alberta. I can find one almost any time I step out. Often, they are first located by noticing their prey, sitting lifeless in a flower.

  4. Excellent work, Matt. You already know how much I want one of these in the viewfinder, I had a couple of hours out this morning looking for Crab Spiders but the weather was against me, I could'nt even find a male.


  5. Thanks Adrian, it's interesting to know these are common on your side of the pond.

    Thanks also Andy. I get the feeling the distribution of these spiders in the UK is quite localised as I certainly never see them at all in my area (these were photographed some distance away in Warwickshire). Having said that if you're occasionally seeing the males you would imagine there must be some females somewhere! Best of luck finding them.

  6. Epic 'stuff' Matt - just brilliant.

  7. thanks Andy, much appreciated