Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Red Deer Stag Painting

From time to time I receive emails from artists asking if they can base a painting on one of my images. I recently received such a request from a Dubai based artist by the name of Matt Ryder. He was keen to use one of my Red Deer Stag images (see below) as the basis for a painting he had in mind.

The result is below. It's entitled Wandering Storm and is acrylic on canvas measuring 72 inches x 60 inches. Clearly he's shown some artistic license but the stag itself is very similar to the original image and is very impressive in my opinion.


As well as being a wildlife artist, Matt Ryder is also a very talented caricaturist. His website is well worth a visit. I thought the caricatures of Kim Jong Un and Ian Brown, not 2 names that tend to appear in the same sentence, were particularly good.

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